Marble Polishing in Yakima, WA

This elegantly beautiful rock hard surface, like all other flooring, still needs maintenance.

Keep it beautiful – Protect your investment.

Even the best kept marble will start to dull a bit with normal use. Sometimes not really noticeable until you carefully compare it to the places that are never walked on. Occasionally a spill will end up being slightly noticeable even after cleaning up.

Make sure it has the look you want with our marble maintenance services.

With our special diamond impregnated pads we can accomplish things regular cleaning just can’t do.

Let us restore the original shine. Tiny scratches that tend to dull the surface come out and the elegance and beauty are restored . . . sometimes even enhanced.

Occasionally a spill or other soiling, even on marble, will leave a trace of whatever it was embedded in the marble. Most of the time these can be removed and the original color and beauty restored.

Heaven's Best Superior Results

Specially Crafted Diamond Impregnated Pads

Years of Experience.

Restore Marble to the Original Shine

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